What People Are Saying

Simply Saffron was first made available at the beginning of April 2016, with customers able to purchase our saffron pot product on amazon.co.uk.

The product has risen rapidly in the rankings (from a starting point of 31st position to 2nd) and is quickly becoming a best seller in its category. We are also very pleased to report that all of the initial reviews have been very positive, with the product achieving a consistent 5 star rating!

The full set of reviews can be found by clicking this link to Amazon. We have included selected comments from happy customers below.

What People Are Saying 3

Customer Feedback

“This is a bit of a break through! Full, authentic flavour without the hassle of a) finding quality saffron and b) handling and preparing the strands for cooking.
I have always loved adding it to my rice dishes but just haven’t bothered due to the hassle – I can’t rave enough about this little jar!”

“What an amazing new product, no wonder it was runner up in the World Food Innovation Awards recently.
I use saffron regularly particularly in baking & was intrigued when I heard about Simply Saffron. I decided to give it a go and I will never go back to buying saffron strands.”

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