The Benefits Of Simply Saffron

Why is Simply Saffron so much better?

It’s simple to use. It’s instant, no waiting, and is extremely versatile. Just take it out of the pot or sachet and mix in, using the right amount for the recipe

We use the best quality saffron, so you don’t have to worry. It adds extra flavour and colour to your favourite recipes. It gives great colour and taste

Cheaper than using saffron strands. A little goes a long way as the product is concentrated

It is 100% natural. No added colours or preservatives. It’s really good for you!

Health Benefits

There are many articles available that promote the use of saffron in a healthy diet. There are numerous and wide ranging claims regarding the health benefits of saffron. These include:

– Relief for pain from kidney stones
– Prevention of skin tumours
– Improved vision
– Relief for arthritis
– Improved memory retention, recall and learning
– Relief for acute premenstrual syndrome. Easing of irritability, depression, and mood swings

Whilst we do not endorse any of these claims, as we ourselves are food manufacturers and not medical professionals, there does seem to be extensive evidence that saffron is good for you, when taken in moderation. To read more look at one of the sites listed below

Useful sites


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