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Simply Saffron is an extremely versatile and easy to use product. It can be added to almost any recipe adding a beautiful saffron yellow colour to the dish with sharply contrasting red saffron threads. Simply Saffron also delivers a wonderful saffron flavour and aroma. Our clients are already using it for a wide range of savoury and sweet dishes, that include:

– Saffron rice
– Curries
– Meat, fish and poultry dishes
– Casseroles
– Tagines
– Meat pies
– Roast potatoes
– Saffron buns
– Saffron ice-cream
– Saffron tea

We have even been told people are using it in a less traditional way, for example to add flavour to a Shepherds pie! The product really can be added to any dish, with excellent results. We recommend you let your imagination run wild and experiment.

We have added hundreds of recipes and ideas on Pinterest. You will find a wide range of savoury and sweet recipes from all over the world. Just replace traditional saffron strands or powder with the suggested Simply Saffron equivalent that can be found on this site.

Don’t just take our word for it! You can also see first hand how people are using the product by reading the recent reviews on, many of which rank the product as 5 stars!

If Pinterest is not for you, you can also check out our other social media pages, on G+ and YouTube, where you will find a number of short films explaining how to use the product


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